A posting to Darwin in the deep tropical north of Australia in the early 70’s was the magic key that would fully unlock my future. Darwin was the end of the then famous Hippie trail overland from Europe right across Asia to the first port of call in Australia – Darwin.

Adventure tales from those long ago, but never forgotten travellers, ended up shaping my destiny. How lucky was I the public service was desperate for Darwin recruits?

Within no time at all, I was on the road myself. The unwritten rule back then was to have $2,000. So I saved like crazy, did the farewell trip home for Christmas, which involved a 3,000 km drive each way, resigned from my secure job, sold the car and  headed off.

There was a plan but it had no end point. It still doesn’t. But who would have thought that $2,000 could last four years and take me round the world more than once?

Growing up on a sugar cane farm with no close neighbours and going to a one teacher school turns out to be no barrier to connecting with as much of the planet as I can in one lifetime. Meeting the neighbours still keeps me going.

When I’m not travelling, I’m planning the next trip. Ideas for future trips are always on a gentle simmer waiting for the right moment to bubble to the surface.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think the next trip you organise should be one for me. You are a master holiday planner Lorna. May this adventure be all you could dream for it to be.


    1. Thanks Lisa. Nice start though i have now given Kerri the nasty virus. Time here to recover luckily. 10 days in Galapagos looking good from next weekend 😊 Thanks for your support xx


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